Here We Go…

“The Only Thing Standing Between You & Your Goal Is The Bullshit Story You Keep Telling Yourself As To Why You Can’t Achieve It.” ~Jordan Bellfort


I had an interesting talk with a good friend of mine recently, and he mentioned Blogging Over Wine. He loves to see people do what they love, and in regards to me, how blogging is ‘My Thing.’ He reminded me that I’d never truly feel fulfilled unless I nurture my gift and how doing so is the key to abundance, opportunity, health and wealth. He can get really deep…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a visual of what I wanted my life to be. I’ve always been lost in a book, or overcome with peace when playing the piano. I would feel inspired easily and often and would achieve these tiny moments of enlightenment from things as small as a quick conversation with a stranger, to watching and listening to the waves from the ocean rush ashore.

Blogging Over Wine started years ago, and everything was going great. I needed some ME time though. I needed a break. Some time to reflect, and figure out not only what I wanted for myself, but for my blog.

I’m undeniably a fan of people like myself. People who are driven, outspoken, and experienced. People who trust themselves and are confident in who they are. Those are the kind of people that this blog is for. The things you’ll read about over the course of this blog will highlight all things that we exude – such as being beautiful, benevolent, brave and bold.

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve experienced what has finally felt like “real life” for me. That included a series of accomplishments such as climbing up the corporate ladder in my career, some lessons in love and relationships, unforgettable adventures and a boundless admiration for the young woman that I’ve become. Inevitably, with all things new and exciting in my life, I still housed a feeling of dissatisfaction. What was I missing? Well, I wasn’t utilizing my gift.

I’m no longer just Blogging Over Wine. I’m blogging over Ralijah. So with that being said everyone, come take this journey with me…