30 Reasons To Love 30

“Time and Tide Wait For No Man, But Time Always Stands Still For A Woman Of Thirty.” ~ Robert Frost

Let’s Blog Over My Dirty 30…


Cheers to two weeks into a new decade of my life and so far it’s been the B E S T!!! I spent a week in Mexico for my birthday. I was on a private beach getting some serious rays when I really started to reflect on what was to become of me during this new period of my life. I’m the youngest of most of my friends. They’re all in the 30’s club, and they were really looking forward to me joining the ‘clique.’ I’ve heard so many great things about being in your thirties that I was kind of excited about this new era of life. Then… there were a few who kind of made me nervous about it just because they were having some sort of quarter-life- crisis before and after they hit thirty. (Rolls eyes so hard I see my brain). Although, I can agree that time is passing by so much faster as I get older, and I suppose if you haven’t hit every goal or pinnacle you thought you’d reach by the end of your twenties, this milestone birthday can bring up a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions… but I TRULY believe that most of us are aging like the finest of wines, and thirty is the brighter, better version of twenty.


So here we go…

  1. You can buy the shoes or anything else you may want and still have money in your accounts because you actually know how to save now. 
  2. You’ve figured out what you truly want.
  3. You definitely know what you don’t want and won’t tolerate.
  4. You’ve (finally) learned to appreciate the value in healthy eating.
  5. You’ve suddenly gained this oddly gratifying solid nighttime routine that you look forward to.
  6. You get that your gut is a real thing and you stop questioning it.
  7. You’re not hungover every weekend. (although… hangovers do get harder to actually handle. Just drink wine or champagne. No one wants to spend 3 days recovering).
  8. Your circle gets a bit smaller. Which is actually a good thing. You understand and value the true meaning of friendship and know you don’t need certain relationships that you once broke yourself to keep around. I’ve noticed life has a way of weeding out a lot of things by the time you reach thirty.
  9. Your relationship with your parents is new now that you’re viewed as a real adult.
  10. Your house is clean!!! Or you know- you hire someone to do it.
  11. You notice your body changing and you make it a priority to change it.
  12. You’re in charge of your own decisions, but still young enough to make a few mistakes. However, you’ve made enough mistakes on your own in the past decade to know what not to repeat and to apply those lessons moving into your thirties.
  13. You know what a good bottle of wine tastes like.
  14. You’ve established what your own home feels like.
  15. If you’re smart (like i know you are) you’ve gained a few passport stamps and soaked in irreplaceable cultural moments.
  16. Sex gets SO much better.
  17. You value your sleep. It’s the new black.
  18. Internally you calm down.
  19. Fear of anything has less impact. You give no fucks about anything you realize you cannot control.
  20. Your heart and mind begin to balance.
  21. Confidence begins to organically exude from a genuine you.
  22. Curiosity gets you into less trouble, and more ways to serve yourself and your future.
  23. You’re so busy that you finally learn to appreciate the importance of down time and self love.
  24. You can remember the 90’s.
  25. You are totally comfortable admitting you hate clubbing (I’ve always hated it).
  26. People take you seriously.
  27. You understand what it means to invest in YOURSELF, DAILY, & CONSISTENTLY.
  28. You become unapologetic for exactly who you are.
  29. You know to stand up for yourself.
  30. L I F E just inexplicably makes more sense.