Back To School

“I’ll Be Famous One Day, But For Now I’m Stuck In Middle School With A Bunch Of Morons.” ~ Greg Heffley

Let’s Blog Over Going Back To School…

When I was young, I had two choices for summer. Go to summer school or travel. Considering I spent most of my year in school, I always chose to hop on a plane and jet off somewhere. Looking back I was afforded many opportunities to travel and experience so many different places and cultures that so many people never get to experience. I’m grateful.

Now that I’m older, not much has changed. My family and friends always tease me when they see me. “Oh you’re in town?? I can’t believe it. You’re not in some random place on the planet, but you’re here???” They have jokes! If anyone is traveling the globe it’s Skylar and Aven. From random towns like Carrizo Springs, to Chicago or Alaska. From Puerto Rico or Mexico to Cuba. These kids are living the L I F E! But then I woke up and it was August which means it’s time for them to take their ass back to school!

It always gets really busy once we start school and I like to stay really organized and have my Bay-Bays well prepared for the upcoming year. I rounded up a few of my favorite things that I snatched up for my kiddos.

I swear by Pottery Barn Backpacks. I bought Skylar and Aven one in Kindergarten, had it personalized with their names, and it lasted through the sixth grade for Sky. However, she’s in that tween stage so I picked this one up for her. It’s cute and girly. So her!

Just in case it gets chilly, I got Sky this bomber.

I love sweaters. Skylar LOVES this one!

I thought these jeans were so cute! I got a few different pairs for her.

Sky and I both have these. They go with almost everything. I also grabbed these for her for gym class.

I thought this memory board for Sky would be so neat for the upcoming year.

I got Aven these kicks. He loves them.

I love the bows on this shirt. I have one just like it actually…

Simple goes a long way. I picked up this shirt in every color.

I LOVE this skirt. It looks so cute with Sky’s Dr. Martens.

Picked Sky up this laptop in Rose Gold. We called it a birthday present.

Aven has a cool backpack from Pottery Barn, but he doesn’t like batman anymore so I grabbed this one. It’s so him!!!

Aven loves his boots. I found these black ones.

Nothing like a nice cardigan. This one is one of my favorites, and I got this one too!

This is so Aven! I love denim shirts.

Aven usually likes to wear athletic gear everyday. I made sure to pick up these Nike fleece pants and this hoodie.