Hurricane Harvey

“Where There Is Unity There Is Always Victory.” ~ Publilius Syrus



The devastation you see on the news involving Hurricane Harvey is not only real, but it is also widespread. I would like to ask anyone who reads to this to please volunteer, donate or assist in any way you can.

If you do not live in the Houston area, I want you to understand how many areas were hit – I personally have friends affected from Galveston to Cypress (77 miles/1 hr and 20 min apart). During the storm, tornado warnings and evacuation orders were constantly being issued, but there was no way to get out of many areas, except by boat/rafts/jet skis. I know people in various areas of town who had to be rescued by boats- including individuals with babies and elderly individuals with medical issues who had to be pulled out of windows. People lost their lives – some who were attempting to assist others. Many people had to sit on their rooftops and wait for 5+ hours in hopes of being rescued in time. Others stood in buildings with rising waters as they were told to write their social security numbers on their arms in case their bodies had to be identified. People were frantically and constantly contacting friends and family members in the midst of all of this to ensure their safety as these events were happening in almost every area of town simultaneously.

This storm affected people of all backgrounds, classes, and professions. Houston and people who came from other cities to assist understood those things do not matter – helping and loving others is what is important. People risked their lives for strangers who were completely different than them. For that, we all thank you.

The rain has stopped, but there are still many, many people in need of help. People are trying to salvage what they have left of their property, if anything. People are still in shelters wondering where they will live and how they will rebuild their lives. People are still needing to be rescued by boats. Plants have exploded. Reservoirs and rivers are still rising and at risk of overflowing. There are still evacuation orders being issued and roads flooded. The threat is still imminent in many areas.

Please continue to assist in any way you can for as long as you can because it will be a long recovery process. Also, please remember what is truly important in life – To have compassion and to spread love, not hate.