“Coffee Is A Language Within Itself.” ~ Jackie Chan

Let’s Blog Over Coffee! Well… In My Case, Tea!

How did you decide to start a blog?

I actually didn’t decide to start a blog. It was my Mom’s idea. She told me that I was constantly going out to eat, cooking, traveling, and making friends with people in food and fashion, and that I should blog about it.

Has your style changed as a mom?

I think my style evolves as I get older. Definitely more conservative. I’d consider my style classy and sexy with a hint of Pac…

What are your favorite staples for everyday wear?

I like to keep it simple on a typical day. My go to’s are black, white, leather, and gold. Current/Elliott has the best T-shirts in my opinion. I have these. I’ll add a staple jacket like this, and jeans. I like these, and these. Depending on the weather I’ll add a scarf. I LOVE a good scarf!

How do you keep the sparks alive when you move in with your significant other but stay comfortable as well? All I want to do when I get home is change into sweats!

Me too!!! lol! No lie! I have to dress up everyday for work, and I always seem to have plans with friends, family, or whoever! I have a deep appreciation for going home to lounge around in my sweats. However, my guy doesn’t care about that. He likes my hair everywhere, sweatpants and when I don’t have makeup. We do date night at least once a week and I’ll dress up then. It’s all about what works for you and your relationship.

I have an upcoming trip and I’m thinking of doing a bikini wax – yay or nay?

Yay! If it’s your first time take a shot first. In the beginning it hurts, but you’ll definitely appreciate the end results.

You have cute, simple white kitchen dishes! Where are they from?

I got them from Pier 1. Target has good ones too.

Riley, Where do you usually shop for Aven? He is SO cute!

Thank You!!! He’s my little handsome man. Aven is going through a phase where he only wants to wear athletic gear. I usually go to Dillards, Nordstrom, Gap, Marshall’s or Zara.

Do you want more kids? If so, how many? Riley, how many years apart are Skylar and Aven?

Yes! My favorite job is being a Mom! Skylar and Aven are a year and a half apart. They were born close which worked out great for me. They played with each other and kept each other busy. They’re best friends. If more kids are in my future, I’ll have to have them back to back for that same reason!

How did you get your kids to nap while you traveled as babies? If they were excellent crib nappers, how did you sleep train them?

A schedule is key when you have babies and toddlers. I am so adamant about that. It will make your life, and their’s so much easier. When I traveled with my Bay Bays when they were smaller, I’d stick to our schedule as close as possible. My suggestion would be to book flights around what works best for you and their schedule. It can be hard when having a baby to get them to nap as they are unfamiliar with their surroundings. I suggest bringing anything that soothes them, and just making them as comfortable as possible. I purchased mini backpacks for Skylar and Aven when they were toddlers, and filled the backpack up with their favorite activities. It would completely keep them busy.