It’s been a while… Let’s Catch Up!

How do you feel about Tattoos?

I love them, but they’re not for me. I have none.

I’m having a dilemma about getting my daughters ears pierced. What do you think is an appropriate age to get your ears pierced?

My uncle took me to get my ears pierced when I was three months old. My brother, mother, and I took Sky to get her ears pierced when she was three months old. I think three months will do.

My mom is hard to shop for – any unique ideas for birthday gifts?

You just reminded me that I need to pick up a gift for my mom! Her birthday is next week! For my Mom’s birthday I always get her a bottle of Veuve, Nothing Bundt Cake, and some sort of jewelry, bag, or shoes. My mom is a huge fashionista. She is literally G O A L S! Sometimes I prefer to do other things for her outside of Neiman Marcus. I’d suggest a spa day or weekend trip. You could even find a favorite photo of you two and have it specially framed.

I’d love for you to do a post or coffee talk question that details out what you eat on a daily/weekly basis. Your clean eating and working out is motivating!

I’ll work on it.

What’s your coffee order? Do you splurge, or do you have any tricks to keep the calories down when you’re ordering? 

I barely ever drink coffee. I’m a huge tea drinker. H O W E V E R, if I do, I love a Vanilla Bean Latté!

Do you have any suggestions for carry-on luggage? I’m going on a girls trip for five days and I would like to forego the check in process!

So I fell in love with Away Luggage earlier this year, bought it, and I am so happy that I did. I started off with the Bigger Carry-On in black. They have so many options, and features. I literally will probably not buy luggage from anyone or anywhere else!

Any suggestions on cute white everyday sneakers? Something you can run errands in or travel that are affordable and comfortable?

I am loving these Vans right here! They are so cute and so stylish and literally go with everything.

iPhone or Android? I’m looking to upgrade my current iPhone, but not sure I’m ready to make the switch! What do you girls use? Pros/Cons?

I have an Android phone. Once upon a time I used both at the same time, and still preferred my Android. Samsung is the best!

What’s your take on birth control? I grew up with a family that was against it (very catholic), but even as a married woman, I’m not ready for a family.

I use Mirena, and I love it. I don’t have time for new kids right now. Explore your options with your doctor, and pick the option best for you. Quite frankly, it’s no one’s business. That’s something that should only be a topic of conversation between you and your husband.

How tall are you?


Riley, your condo always looks so clean in your IG Snaps. Do you have a cleaning schedule? What’s your secret? Lol!

Okay… Soooooo I’m kind of clean freak. I’m seriously OCD. I really get so mad if my home isn’t clean or if something has been moved. I can tell if anything has been moved half an inch! I am starting to kind of relax about it, but… actually no I’m not. I’m a OCD Control Freak! I don’t have a cleaning schedule. I just pick up.

What’s your take on relationships and social media?

This is a really good question. Well… okay… I feel like these days social media, and your relationship is definitely in the category of serious conversations to have with your partner. I have literally seen it ruin relationships. I think people should be respectful of each other, and I definitely feel like ‘Treat me how you want to be treated.”  Quite frankly, I don’t support it unless it’s for business purposes.

I loveeeeeee your recipe posts! I always get so many compliments when I make a dish. How do you come up with recipes?

Thank you! Experimenting. I experiment in the kitchen at least three times a week. I always say this is either going to be great, or it’s going to be date night.

What are your favorite movies?

I L O V E  scary movies. I love the entire Halloween series. I watch it all the time and still get scared.

Ralijah, is there any story behind your name? I really like it!

Yes! My mom was told that I was going to be a boy. I was supposed to be named Elijah Bleu. However, I came out a girl and they told her she needed to pick a name. Now my name is Ralijah. My brother is now Elijah Bleu. They said he was going to be a girl. LOL!

Hi Riley! Last year you posted the cutest photo of your little cousin sleeping on your pregnancy body pillow. I am 21 weeks along, and I cannot get comfortable. I’m miserable. Any suggestions for pillows or where you got yours?

I am sincerely sorry you are going through that. It’s hard to not be able to rest, and be nauseous, and just miserable. I legit couldn’t sleep for a while, and I was so miserable. My guy got it for me from Amazon. I’m not sure of the brand, but I’ll ask. I will tell you it was a life changer, worth whatever he spent on it, and it was the best sleep I’ve ever gotten. It was the best sleep Rochi’s ever gotten as you could tell from the photo. She took over my pillow the entire week I had her!

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