Happy Saturday! Let’s Chat…

I’m looking for a stocking for my baby girl (her first Christmas)! Any suggestions on cute ones that aren’t too childish looking?

I get all of my Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn. You can never go wrong with this classic one, and I think this collection is just TOO cute!!!

I’m in need of some new black lingerie. Can you give me some suggestions on cute pieces or where to shop?

I love lingerie from La Perla, but I’ve been getting everything lately from Gooseberry Intimates. Fleur Du Mal has some amazing pieces as well.

Riley, with your HR background, can you give resume tips, or maybe do a post regarding that sometime soon? I’d like to be prepared for the new year.

I’ll work on a post for you!!!

Hi Riley! I met you at Williams Sonoma. We were the older couple. You are such a sweet girl, and you’re so funny. Absolutely informative about the kitchen. Will you be posting your duck recipe anytime soon?!

Hi!!! Thank you for your sweet words. When we get a little closer to Christmas I will post the duck recipe!!!

What shows are you currently watching? I need something to binge!

Hmm… Well, my friend Caroline got me stuck on this show called 90 Day Fiancé. I started from season 5. It’s a mess, but keeps me glued. I just finished watching Stranger Things. I love the Good Doctor. However- Power, Insecure, and Game Of Thrones is my shit!!! Lol. Real Talk…

What was the lash serum you posted on instastories?

Olive oil in one of my moms jars.

Riley- I was shocked to learn that you were 30. I wouldn’t have thought you were a day over 23. What is your skincare routine?

It is true. I celebrated my dirty 30 this year. It wasn’t dirty though. I don’t wear makeup a lot. I actually didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 25. I drink a lot of water, and I just wash my face every morning and night followed by moisturizer.

Your instagram story of you, your brothers, and dad was so funny. I love your laugh!!! What was the back story on that? You guys all range is colors and features. Who do you look like? Are you all close?

GAWDDDD!!! They’re so annoying, but they’re so funny so it’s hard not to laugh. I don’t remember the back story, I just know they were talking smack about everything. Lol. We do all look different. Jordan is tall and very, very fair with red hair. Blue is really dark with colored eyes, and then me… I took after my mom. My family and I are very close. My brothers are my best friends.

How does it feel to look in the mirror and be so perfect looking? Seriously a question though lol…

Honestly- I wouldn’t know…

Hi! You always braid Skylar’s hair so beautifully. How did you learn to braid? I’ve tried braiding my daughter’s hair, but not only can i not braid but I can’t get her to sit still. Any tips?

I’ve always known how to braid, but I learned all kinds of braids in Cosmetology School. I took Cosmetology in high school mostly because it was 3 credits in one year. Lol. True Story! Skylar has always been good at being still when I did her hair. My little Angel Girl. Try giving her a book, or turning on a show she likes.

What was the name of the christmas song you were blasting while you were cooking? It sounded very catchy.

Lol! That was called the Mistletoe Jam by Luther Vandross. That’s my Jam!!!

What are you cooking today?

Hamburger Helper. Lol! Nothing fancy going on over here today!

What are you listening to right now?

The new Sam Smith Album. OMG you H A V E to listen to it.

Where’d you get those ripped sweatpants?

My favorite store. Target!

It was fun chatting. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.

-Have a great weekend! xx