Christmas Traditions | Letters To Santa

“I Will Honor Christmas In My Heart, And Try To Keep It All The Year.” ~ Charles Dickens

Let’s Blog Over Letters To Santa!

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. When I was a little girl me and my brother would A L W A Y S write letters to Santa. Nothing was more exciting to me than getting a response, and then sitting by the tree with a huge cup of hot chocolate with giant marshmallows, and whipped cream topping trying to figure out what each gift was.

I kept this tradition going with Skylar and Aven. I’m a little more dramatic with it though. My Grandma lives in Alaska. In Alaska outside of Fairbanks there is the North Pole. North Pole, Alaska is wear Santa lives. You can actually go to Santa’s house and see reindeer, and elves, and the workshop, and it’s just about the most exciting thing ever. You can also send your Christmas letters.

We would write our Christmas letters, and I’d actually put the letters that we received back in the freezer until I was ready to give it to them to read. You have no idea how excited they got. I’m giggling just thinking about it right now. When they were busy, or it was nap time, I’d take the letters out of the freezer and sneak to the mailbox and hide it in the other mail. Then I’d run errands, or do something with them, but it always ended with us checking the mail.

Then I’d just say “OMG! Skylar and Aven you have mail! It’s from the North Pole!” Of course the letters were freezing, and of course when you’re a child the most thrilling phenomenon is receiving a letter from Santa! To see the glee on their faces filled my heart with such joy!

If you’d like to do this for your little one, you can check out Santa’s website here.