Let’s Catch Up!

Riley, I loved that you posted snaps of your date night at home. By any chance would you be willing to share that filet mignon recipe? It looked DEVINE!!!

I have been getting so many requests for that recipe. I will do a follow up post on that.

Hi Riley! I loved meeting you at Neiman Marcus. You are so sweet!!! The men in your life are going to have an amazing Christmas this year. I recall you asking for a specific kind of cologne. I want to build up my husband’s cologne. Willing to share the scent you were buying your guy?

Hello!!! I buy him Tom Ford Ombre Leather. He’s getting something new this year.

I loved how big your gingerbread house was. Mind sharing where you got it? I’d love to get one in that size. It was huge!

I picked it up from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Hi Riley!!! You have the best family. Your Grandma is hilarious! I’m eager to see your family’s Christmas party this year. I wish I could invite myself. My question is about balancing families between mine and my husband’s family during holidays. Any suggestions?

Pick the holiday you like the least, and that can be the holiday you hang with his family. LOL. Just Playing… Sorta…

Skylar and Aven are so cute. I loved their gingerbread houses. They looked so focused when building them. I have a 4 and a 5 year old, and I want to get them in the kitchen. When did you start Skylar and Aven, and what did you start them off with?

Skylar and Aven always loved helping out in the kitchen. I think it’s great to get kids involved with cooking especially if you have picky eaters. I find that if you get them in the kitchen and let them help you prepare a meal, they’re more eager to help and try their food. I started them out when they were about two and three. We’d do some vegetables, and desserts and stuff. When they hit five and six we started cutting things. Now they can cook full meals.

I saw Skylar’s chef jacket, and it is to DIE FOR! I want to get my niece one for Christmas. Can I please have the details?!?!

Ralph bought that for her along with some bakeware. I think he got it from Williams- Sonoma.

I am loving all of your instagram stories, but can we get life lately via the camera roll? I don’t want to miss anything.

I can do that! Beware- there’s a lot that’s been going on!!!

Hi Ralijah! I just wanted to say that you are HILARIOUS!!! I loved your instagram story of you at the french wedding. The guy comes up to you speaking french and you say que? When your friends walk up you speak french! Please share the story on that. I watched that about a million times!!!!

Lol… There was this guy who kept eyeing me. I was waiting for my friends and he comes up to me and he just said he liked my style. Then proceeded to  ask me where I was from, and to end the conversation I pretended I didn’t know french and responded in spanish. Lol. Then my friends came up speaking french, and I respond in french with yea I’m ready to go. His face dropped. LOL. Nothing too big. I just didn’t feel like being social.

Congrats on being HR Director! That’s a huge accomplishment. Can I say that You Are GOALS!!! Any advice for someone starting out in HR?

Have patience, and know that it is ever evolving with regulations. So stay up to date with your certificates and so forth and you’ll thrive.

Riley I LOVE YOU!!! I saw a mutual friend snap you cooking. You looked so sweet, and fashionable, and you’re in the kitchen cooking you started dancing to pills and automobiles and rapping and I almost DIED!!! Please be my friend!!! I stalk you now! I would have never imagined you listening to and knowing all of that rap music!

I love trap music and fine dining!!! I don’t know why it shocks people, and yes I’ll be your friend!

Hi Riley! Have you thought about doing relationship posts? I feel like you’d get a huge following. Some friends and I were talking and we love you guys! We would be so interested in what you’d have to say!

I’ve been thinking about it… we’ll see what happens in 2018.

I’m headed to New York for the New Year and saw your friends snap where you were talking to your brother who is in New York. If you go can we meet? Please?!

Yes my brother is in New York working and I miss him sooooo much!!! He suggested (more like demanded) we come there for the new year. We’re considering it, but Spain might be happening so I don’t know… If I’m there I’d love to meet you!

I’ve been waiting for you to do some fashion posts. Especially with those striped pants. Please give me the details!!! You kill it every time!

I’ve been slacking. I’ll catch up with my fashion posts.

I have two questions. What brand are those snake skin boots and bag your grandma got you? As well as those nude tie up heels your mom got you.

My Grandma bought me Tom Ford, and my Mama gifted me with Gucci.

Favorite Christmas Songs? I need a playlist for a party and yours sounds so good!

OMG I have the B E S T  Christmas playlist. I keep it Luther Vandross and Mariah. Throw in some Boys II Men, Justin Bieber, Andrea Bocelli, 3LW, Destiny’s Child… Tell you what… follow me on Spotify. I’ll share my playlist.

Riley you’re so funny! I just love you and your family. I saw a snap Skylar posted of your Dad washing the car and you wearing this fabulous fur coat while singing contagious. LOL! You’re hilarious. Please share where you got the coat from and if you ever helped your dad wash the car?

Have you seen the contagious video with the Isley Brothers? Every single time I wear fur I sing that now. I’m so weird! I got that coat from my mom’s closet. My mom has a killer closet. It really is to die for. I definitely wasn’t helping my dad wash the car. It was cold outside. I bought him dinner though. That evened us out.

Thanks for your questions. If you have anymore just shoot me an email, and we’ll catch up!

Have a great weekend