Somewhere Lately | Life Via The Camera Roll

“Don’t Cry Because It’s Over. Smile Because It Happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Let’s Blog Over Life Lately…

Happy Saturday! I usually do #CoffeeTalk on our Saturday mornings, but Skylar is sick with the flu, and I’m also a little under the weather. I’ll be spending the day washing, sanitizing, and spraying lysol every five seconds. Ralph and Aven will probably have a Man’s Weekend, and my parents are coming over. My mom is going to cook us some soup, and my dad will probably cuddle with Sky, and watch sports. I’m a little needy when I’m sick, so I’m grateful for my family and friends catering to my whiney old self. Not the way I wanted my Christmas weekend to start, but what can I do? With that being said, we’ll hold the questions until next week, and I’ll catch you up on life via the camera roll.

Did Some Christmas Shopping and Sushi With Amanda

Christmas Fun With The Best Of Friends

Mira Esa Cara!!! He wants Similac. I was shaking it up! Pobrecito…

He’s Forever Loving Me

Bitch stole my outfit and had the nerve to strike a pose! ¬†Only at an Oscar De La Renta Show…

My sister came to visit from New Orleans

We took our friends to a game. Primera Vez por Alejandro y Caroline.

It was a marvelous night for a Moon Dance

French and Spanish Weddings

Arguing with my 3-year-old cousin Me: You’re chubby. Rochi: No you’re Chubby. Me: Your Mom! Her Face!!

When your brother tries to get a sauce stain out of a hoodie… We Love Him.

On Tuesday’s we salsa dance. This was right before Ralph grabbed my hand and we were spinning…

We hosted the most E P I C dinner party. Everyone had a blast!! I’m obsessed with cheese and wine.


Last night I spent hours wrapping gifts. Then more came and i’m sitting here pondering if I should just hide them until Christmas. T H I S was a lot or work!

Have A Great Weekend & Don’t Forget To Smile!!