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I’ve gotten my Masters degree in the HR, but I have no experience. I don’t want to start at entry-level, but it seems that with my lack of experience that is my only option. I’ve been wondering if you have any suggestion for climbing the HR ladder?

You have everything needed on paper to grab the attention needed to get you in the door. However, lack of experience is something you definitely want to acquire. I’m learning that most companies are now more interested in people who have that experience, and it’s been making up for having a degree. Not to say a degree is not needed. It’s just that now I’m noticing that the degree is the added bonus. I say start entry-level to gain that experience needed and maybe find a mentor. Stay up to date with HR regulations and policies as they are ever evolving. Network. There is always an HR Mixer going on here in Houston. That can be another great way for you to get your foot in the door and take advantage of amazing opportunities.

I have recently broke up with my boyfriend. He was a little abusive mentally, a cheater and everything bad in between. I stayed because I was used to him only, he was a great provider, and contrary to all the bad it was mostly good. When it finally ended, he ended things because he wanted to see what was out there. Truth is I’ve been so happy since the breakup. However he feels he made a mistake and wants me back. He won’t leave me alone. He keeps calling, emailing, anything he can do to reach me. Since I’ve refused to take him back he says things like I’ll never find better, or no one will love me more. I slipped up and had a little meeting with him, but I don’t know what I should do. My friends said I should block him and move on. When it was time to move on with your life how did you handle removing them from your life? Was it the best move to open the doors to meet new people? I feel like if I don’t close the door, then he’ll always be there…

G I R L ! Drop and Block him! My last relationship was like that. It was very dysfunctional. When it was time to end things, it was hard for me at first. Even with all the wrong that happens, you still go through the pain of losing someone you’ve been with. Like your ex, he too tried to come back, and he keeps trying to come back. I changed my number, deleted my email address, and my social media. When I finally started to come around social wise, the first hint of him, he got blocked. When leaving a relationship, they say the best way to move on is find something new, but I don’t think so. I think that’s the time for you to really look at what you want, and to heal from your situation. When you least expect it the right person will come along.

What were your most dependable workout shoes this year? I’m planning to jump back into a workout routine January 1st and need some good options! Also, what do your workout’s consist of?

You’re asking the wrong person this question. My trainer says I need velcro toddler shoes because my laces are always coming untied. I haven’t been working out, but my diet is completely changing in the upcoming year. It’s so hard to work out with all the holidays and eat right with all the food. My workout usually consists of jump rope, tons of weight squats and anything he feels like killing me with that day. I may try to do a video showing how my workouts work.

I really loved your relationship Q&A. I also loved how direct, open and honest you were with a side of funny. Considering what you are going through it has to be really hard, and it’s admirable that you continue to maintain your relationship and continue to grow. Claps Hands For You! Are you going to touch more on the relationship topic in the future? I think we’d all be interested to hear what you have to say.

Thank you! I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from that post. People that know me and see my relationship would have never imagined that we were dealing with that, and everyone has offered their support to not only me, but my guy as well. I can truly say that we have an amazing group of friends, family, and my readers are just as amazing. I have been thinking about touching more on this topic, but it’s something that would happen some time next year if it does.

Will you be posting more recipes in the future? Each one I’ve tried has come out so good. Where did you learn to cook?

I’m so glad to hear that!! I will be posting more recipes, but it’ll probably be clean eating. My body is tired of alcohol, heavy food, and junk food.

Hi Riley. I recently came across your blog as I was stalking Perez Hilton and saw that he liked and followed. LOL (i’m not crazy). It eventually led me to reading every single post on your blog and scrolling through your instagram. I saw that you gave one of your commenters the finger and I decided you’re someone I can get with! I was thinking of starting a blog, but I’m a little afraid of the criticism or not getting the support. Any Advice?

LOL!!! I was so shocked when that happened!!! I woke my guy up out of his S L E E P ! ! !  I usually don’t just give people the finger. It’s usually a friend of mine. Other people I ignore. My guy is probably my biggest supporter next to my mom. Don’t get me wrong everyone around me is so supportive, but he and my mom are the biggest. Some advice they always tell me is that people will always have something to say or criticize, but at least you tried. Everyone isn’t brave enough to go after their dream.

I’m in Houston and I was looking into attending something fun for the new year. Is there anywhere particular you’ll be?

I will particularly be at home. We’re having a small New Year’s thing at home. We’re going to cook, light some cigars, and toast to 2018.

I’ve noticed that you’ve taken a few quick getaways, but you haven’t posted about it on the blog. I’m dying to know where you’ve been and where you’re going in 2018!

I’ve been meaning to post so many things on here, and I just did not have the time. I’m going to do so much better next year. We have a few trips coming up that I’m so excited about, so stay tuned to that.

I love your style. You never disappoint!!! What is your inspiration, and have you thought about starting a line of your own?

Thank you! My style has evolved so much from when I was younger, but I think that goes for everyone. I wouldn’t say that I had inspiration exactly. I just know what I want to look like in my head, and I look for the pieces that makes my vision sort of come alive if that makes sense. I don’t know if I’ll be starting a line, but that is something to be considered.

Hello! I was a reader even back when you were Blogging Over Wine. I liked that you incorporated your favorite books. It was always my favorite part and something I looked forward to. Have you thought about bringing it back?

I absolutely have!!! There’s some great books that I’m going to be sharing very soon!!!

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