Happy Saturday! Let’s Chat…

I’m looking for a stocking for my baby girl (her first Christmas)! Any suggestions on cute ones that aren’t too childish looking?

I get all of my Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn. You can never go wrong with this classic one, and I think this collection is just TOO cute!!!

I’m in need of some new black lingerie. Can you give me some suggestions on cute pieces or where to shop?

I love lingerie from La Perla, but I’ve been getting everything lately from Gooseberry Intimates. Fleur Du Mal has some amazing pieces as well.

Riley, with your HR background, can you give resume tips, or maybe do a post regarding that sometime soon? I’d like to be prepared for the new year.

I’ll work on a post for you!!!

Hi Riley! I met you at Williams Sonoma. We were the older couple. You are such a sweet girl, and you’re so funny. Absolutely informative about the kitchen. Will you be posting your duck recipe anytime soon?!

Hi!!! Thank you for your sweet words. When we get a little closer to Christmas I will post the duck recipe!!!

What shows are you currently watching? I need something to binge!

Hmm… Well, my friend Caroline got me stuck on this show called 90 Day Fiancé. I started from season 5. It’s a mess, but keeps me glued. I just finished watching Stranger Things. I love the Good Doctor. However- Power, Insecure, and Game Of Thrones is my shit!!! Lol. Real Talk…

What was the lash serum you posted on instastories?

Olive oil in one of my moms jars.

Riley- I was shocked to learn that you were 30. I wouldn’t have thought you were a day over 23. What is your skincare routine?

It is true. I celebrated my dirty 30 this year. It wasn’t dirty though. I don’t wear makeup a lot. I actually didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 25. I drink a lot of water, and I just wash my face every morning and night followed by moisturizer.

Your instagram story of you, your brothers, and dad was so funny. I love your laugh!!! What was the back story on that? You guys all range is colors and features. Who do you look like? Are you all close?

GAWDDDD!!! They’re so annoying, but they’re so funny so it’s hard not to laugh. I don’t remember the back story, I just know they were talking smack about everything. Lol. We do all look different. Jordan is tall and very, very fair with red hair. Blue is really dark with colored eyes, and then me… I took after my mom. My family and I are very close. My brothers are my best friends.

How does it feel to look in the mirror and be so perfect looking? Seriously a question though lol…

Honestly- I wouldn’t know…

Hi! You always braid Skylar’s hair so beautifully. How did you learn to braid? I’ve tried braiding my daughter’s hair, but not only can i not braid but I can’t get her to sit still. Any tips?

I’ve always known how to braid, but I learned all kinds of braids in Cosmetology School. I took Cosmetology in high school mostly because it was 3 credits in one year. Lol. True Story! Skylar has always been good at being still when I did her hair. My little Angel Girl. Try giving her a book, or turning on a show she likes.

What was the name of the christmas song you were blasting while you were cooking? It sounded very catchy.

Lol! That was called the Mistletoe Jam by Luther Vandross. That’s my Jam!!!

What are you cooking today?

Hamburger Helper. Lol! Nothing fancy going on over here today!

What are you listening to right now?

The new Sam Smith Album. OMG you H A V E to listen to it.

Where’d you get those ripped sweatpants?

My favorite store. Target!

It was fun chatting. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.

-Have a great weekend! xx








Boss Babes | Upgrade Your Resume

Resume Tips

Let’s Blog Over Upgrading Your Resume!

As an HR professional, a question I am asked all the time is “How do I upgrade my resume? What are you looking for when you look at a resumé?”

We all know that your resumé can make or break your job hunting experience, and I’m here to drop some gems for free 99 to get you on the right path.

Remove your address – Not only does it take up valuable space but your location can also turn recruiters off. You don’t want them assuming it will be common for you to run late or have an issue with the commute. If you’re an accountant, you probably already know this…

Save it as a PDF – Documents open differently depending on the device. Would you read through a resume that wasn’t aligned or all jumbled? Avoid any crazy formatting issues by saving your resume as a PDF/ Word Document.

Include Appropriate Links – In 2017 almost everyone is digitally inclined. If you’ve created a website for yourself or have an active LinkedIn page, include the hyperlink. Being digitally savvy is a turn-on in almost every industry so highlight those virtual skills.

Get Keyword Savvy – The first 15 seconds of looking at your resume will make or break you. Look at the keywords in the description for whatever position you’re applying for and be sure that you incorporate as many of them as possible into your resume. Because HR professionals/Recruiters receive so many resumes, they often scan through them before reading them entirely in search of specific keywords. Using the appropriate keywords is the easiest way to say “I’m qualified! Dig deeper”.

Use Hard Numbers – Did you grow increase sales by 25% or manage $2 million in assets? Using numbers is much more effective than saying “increased sales” or “managed all portfolios”. Tell us how much or how many. This will definitely impress any hiring manager.

Delete the Year you Graduated –  An employer seeing that you just graduated may make you seem too inexperienced. If you want to apply for a managerial or director position, you want it to be based off of the work that you’ve  done, not the timeframe in which you achieved it. Having the degree is good, but having that experience is crucial. We want to see that you have experience and somewhat know what you’re doing.

Tailor your Resume for Different Jobs – This may seem like a tedious chore, and well… That’s because it is. But it is a very necessary one. Based on what job you’re applying for, you should have resumes that highlight different experiences and skill sets. This goes back to making sure you’re highlighting the keywords for the position you’re applying for.

Add Volunteer Experience – If your resume lacks experience or you have big gaps in between your jobs, consider adding your volunteer experience, especially if you’ve taken on a leadership role or did major fundraising. It may not have been an actual job but many of the skills are transferable. Think about what would make you an asset and brag on that. Any unexplainable gaps will bring up a lot of questions.

What to Delete – Let’s start with the “references on request” line. It takes up a line and it’s obvious. We’ll ask for references when necessary. Delete anything that doesn’t pertain to the job you’re applying for. I’ve seen a resume that had “Captain of the swim team” as a biggest achievement. He was 30 looking to be an engineer.

Eliminate Soft Skills – Resumes should be all about work experience and what you’ve accomplished. Save the details regarding your personality traits for when you land an interview, or incorporate it in your cover letter.

Forget about College – If you’ve been out more the two years, delete the committees you were in and what your GPA was. I’d only make an exception if you did something extraordinary like create a program that’s still running.

If you’d like me to take a look at your resume, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help!

What resume tips have you acquired that have proven to work for you? Share with us below!













Let’s catch up!

I’m looking for the perfect faux fur vest that’s a light brown color (with dark/light brown and white all mixed together). I can only find solid black or solid brown. Any ideas?

I love this one from Nordstrom, and it’s a really good price!

I love that you’re sharing instagram stories. Will you be back on snapchat any time soon?

I try to snap. I just like instagram better. I’ll try though.

Could you link some of your favorite over the knee boots? I’m looking to buy some and don’t know where to start…

Sure. Check below for my fave’s!

What’s your Thanksgiving menu looking like?

I’m not sure yet. I’ll be working on that this week.

Trying to figure out how many bridesmaids are “too much”? How many bridesmaids are you having? Any advice?

On your day you set the rules. The way my list looks I’ll probably have nine.

I can’t help but notice you are so happy in your relationship with your ‘guy.’  – but I’m curious how were your past relationships and how did you get through any rough breakups?

I was in a relationship for a really, really, really long time. Leaving that relationship and dealing with the end result was really hard for me. Keeping busy, being surrounded by my family and friends, and of course wine always helped. Having that good support system, traveling and so forth made each day easier.

I love your teapot. Could you share the brand and where you got it from?

It’s a Mackenzie Child’s teapot from Neiman Marcus.

My husband and I are taking a short trip to Houston right before Christmas. I am looking for some restaurant suggestions. Maybe something for lunch in River Oaks, and any good dinner recommendations?

You came to the right person. Potenté just happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. I was able to have a private dining experience before they opened up to the public and they have a phenomenal menu. My favorite being the lobster bisque and lamb. Brasserie 19 is amazing. Steak 48 is a fave of mine, and Caracol is also one I love.

Skylar and Aven are the cutest! I love your conversations with them. How did you get them into cooking and at what age?

They were really little when they started cooking. Skylar never wanted an easy bake oven. She always wanted to do the real thing. Aven followed in her footsteps. By the time they were 4 and 5 we were making dinners together. They also take cooking classes.

Do you find people look at you like you’re a celebrity when you’re shooting in busy areas?

Noooooo- they probably think I’m weird, and I always hate to take a photo when someone is around. I don’t pose correctly because I feel awkward.

I saw your workout on your Instagram story. You looked like you got a really good workout in. What kind of cardio and work out do you do?

My cardio consists of jump rope. That’s the only kind of cardio you’ll ever see me do. I hate to run so a treadmill or elliptical is out of the question. I don’t want to run outside because if I stop I’ll think people are saying ‘ahhhhh she couldn’t make it down the street!’ However, jump rope is really good for you and it works out your entire body. You burn way more calories, and quicker that what you would running on a treadmill and so forth. So I do that and select strength training a few times a week. I jump rope everyday.

Where did you get your dutch oven?

My red one is from Target. A Giada De Laurentis brand that has been discontinued. My white one is Le Creuset from Williams- Sonoma. They’re both very good. If you’re looking for some fairly priced, I’d check out target though.

How many times a week do you cook?

I cook five to six times a week depending on my mood. LoL!

I know you bought Matcha tea. I have been wanting to try it. I’m wondering what your thoughts were on it…

I’ll post about that later this week so stay tuned!


Somewhere, Lately

“I’m A Monster. Everyday Is Halloween.” ~ Lil Wayne

Let’s Blog Over Halloween!

I personally feel like I say this way too often, but here it goes again – please excuse my lack of posts on the blog. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been giving my best attempt at prioritizing what needs to be done right now among work, the blog, the business side of it, and other ventures that I’m passionate about, but have yet to find the time to explore. A few weeks ago I was consistent with my posts. The month of October has kicked my ass! This was the busiest month for me. I’m ready to start fresh for November and bring you the content you all deserve!

I love Halloween. I love scary movies. I love dressing up. I love how everyone gets a chance to get creative and show it all off. I love it!!! Here’s what we did this weekend.

Friday I picked the kiddos up, and headed to Scream On The Green at Discovery Green. They’re in this phase where they don’t want to really dress up, but they kind of do want to dress up. We decided to paint their faces and head out to Discovery Green.

What I love about Scream On The Green is that it’s very family friendly. It’s not the typical door to door trick or treating situation. I love the live music in the park, and that they set up game stations where the kids play a game to win their treats. They had a blast.

Saturday we woke up and Skylar and Aven made breakfast. They love to cook. They’re pretty good at it too. We spent the day just hanging out, then got ready for a night at the museum.

This year we decided to have a party and spend our Halloween with some friends at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We went as The Royal Queen Nefertiti and Pharaoh Akhenaten.


Sunday we started the day off with Shipley’s. My favorite doughnut place. Nothing tops it. Literally N O T H I N G tops Shipley’s. I laid around watching Stranger Thing’s until it was time for our sushi date. Skylar and Aven L O V E sushi. They were so excited to go try Sozo. They had a really good selection of sushi and it did not disappoint.

How was your Halloween weekend? I’d love to hear all about it!!!

Have A Great Halloween- xx


Somewhere, Lately…

Mylo and Me

Happy Monday! It’s been a minute, but I’m still around and smiling! October has been a crazy month for me. My planner reminds me that I am overloaded every minute of every single day.  I’ve had so many events to attend that I haven’t been able to take a step back and breathe. The crazy part is that it’s going to get busier from here. With that being said…

Let’s Blog Over What I’ve Been Doing Lately…

Skylar and Aven are keeping me active. We’ve been having loads of fun.

Thursday I met up with some friends to do a little pumpkin carving. We had the B E S T time. It was Ralph’s first time carving a pumpkin. I guess you could say the rest of us were a little stunned that he had never participated in halloween festivities before. It got a little competitive at our table once we started carving. I don’t know how you turn competition free pumpkin carving into a competition. Ralph actually did a great job. By the way I had the best Pumpkinator beer by St. Arnolds. It was S O good. Afterwards we headed to a friends for a nightcap, and to try their homemade paleo recipe, and bourbon…

What a lovely face, right?

Friday there was tons of shopping to get done. The new place is more vast than the last one, and it’s been so crazy trying to fill it all in and make it home(y). We went to one of my favorite stores. Restoration Hardware. I love Restoration Hardware, and they had so many A M A Z I N G things. It’s hard not to go crazy in that store.

Don’t you just L O V E this?

Friday we met up with some friends and had a night in. We played Speak Out. That is literally one of my favorite games at the moment. It’s so funny. It was boys against girls. Girls won. By the time I got home, I was so tired… barely functioning.

I hosted a pumpkin carving party for the littles at my friend’s house. It was so much fun!!! They kids invited some friends over, we made some food, and let them do their thing.

Mr. Dimples. He’s my Angel Face!

Later I attended a birthday celebration for my friend Sahar. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I know. She is an incredible author, and she is so passionate about helping others find their voice. She is such an inspiration and a really good friend. I was so excited to celebrate with her. We had the best time. You can check out her website here.

Sunday I woke up to a thunderstorm. I mostly chilled all day, and then I went to the store so that I could make dinner. Lunch was Seabass. Dinner was Jamaican Curry Chicken. It was pretty much the bombest thing ever for a chilly day.

How has your month been? Preparing for Halloween? What are your plans?  I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to lately.