Somewhere, Lately

“I’m A Monster. Everyday Is Halloween.” ~ Lil Wayne

Let’s Blog Over Halloween!

I personally feel like I say this way too often, but here it goes again – please excuse my lack of posts on the blog. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been giving my best attempt at prioritizing what needs to be done right now among work, the blog, the business side of it, and other ventures that I’m passionate about, but have yet to find the time to explore. A few weeks ago I was consistent with my posts. The month of October has kicked my ass! This was the busiest month for me. I’m ready to start fresh for November and bring you the content you all deserve!

I love Halloween. I love scary movies. I love dressing up. I love how everyone gets a chance to get creative and show it all off. I love it!!! Here’s what we did this weekend.

Friday I picked the kiddos up, and headed to Scream On The Green at Discovery Green. They’re in this phase where they don’t want to really dress up, but they kind of do want to dress up. We decided to paint their faces and head out to Discovery Green.

What I love about Scream On The Green is that it’s very family friendly. It’s not the typical door to door trick or treating situation. I love the live music in the park, and that they set up game stations where the kids play a game to win their treats. They had a blast.

Saturday we woke up and Skylar and Aven made breakfast. They love to cook. They’re pretty good at it too. We spent the day just hanging out, then got ready for a night at the museum.

This year we decided to have a party and spend our Halloween with some friends at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We went as The Royal Queen Nefertiti and Pharaoh Akhenaten.


Sunday we started the day off with Shipley’s. My favorite doughnut place. Nothing tops it. Literally N O T H I N G tops Shipley’s. I laid around watching Stranger Thing’s until it was time for our sushi date. Skylar and Aven L O V E sushi. They were so excited to go try Sozo. They had a really good selection of sushi and it did not disappoint.

How was your Halloween weekend? I’d love to hear all about it!!!

Have A Great Halloween- xx


Somewhere, Lately…

Mylo and Me

Happy Monday! It’s been a minute, but I’m still around and smiling! October has been a crazy month for me. My planner reminds me that I am overloaded every minute of every single day.  I’ve had so many events to attend that I haven’t been able to take a step back and breathe. The crazy part is that it’s going to get busier from here. With that being said…

Let’s Blog Over What I’ve Been Doing Lately…

Skylar and Aven are keeping me active. We’ve been having loads of fun.

Thursday I met up with some friends to do a little pumpkin carving. We had the B E S T time. It was Ralph’s first time carving a pumpkin. I guess you could say the rest of us were a little stunned that he had never participated in halloween festivities before. It got a little competitive at our table once we started carving. I don’t know how you turn competition free pumpkin carving into a competition. Ralph actually did a great job. By the way I had the best Pumpkinator beer by St. Arnolds. It was S O good. Afterwards we headed to a friends for a nightcap, and to try their homemade paleo recipe, and bourbon…

What a lovely face, right?

Friday there was tons of shopping to get done. The new place is more vast than the last one, and it’s been so crazy trying to fill it all in and make it home(y). We went to one of my favorite stores. Restoration Hardware. I love Restoration Hardware, and they had so many A M A Z I N G things. It’s hard not to go crazy in that store.

Don’t you just L O V E this?

Friday we met up with some friends and had a night in. We played Speak Out. That is literally one of my favorite games at the moment. It’s so funny. It was boys against girls. Girls won. By the time I got home, I was so tired… barely functioning.

I hosted a pumpkin carving party for the littles at my friend’s house. It was so much fun!!! They kids invited some friends over, we made some food, and let them do their thing.

Mr. Dimples. He’s my Angel Face!

Later I attended a birthday celebration for my friend Sahar. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I know. She is an incredible author, and she is so passionate about helping others find their voice. She is such an inspiration and a really good friend. I was so excited to celebrate with her. We had the best time. You can check out her website here.

Sunday I woke up to a thunderstorm. I mostly chilled all day, and then I went to the store so that I could make dinner. Lunch was Seabass. Dinner was Jamaican Curry Chicken. It was pretty much the bombest thing ever for a chilly day.

How has your month been? Preparing for Halloween? What are your plans?  I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to lately.



“Above All Things, Guard Your Heart.”



Let’s Blog Over Our Hearts…

Proverbs 4:23 is easily one of my favorite Bible verses, and I refer to it often. It’s no coincidence that the Bible advises you to protect your heart, the quality of your life stems from how your heart feels. The way that you view yourself, the energy that you give off, how you treat others, how well you do at work, essentially every area of your life, are all direct reflections of your heart. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the caution you should take before allowing someone to get close to you. When I say this, I don’t mean live your life with a guard up. What I do mean is, pay close attention to people’s characters and be careful with what you allow them to dictate in your life.

I’ve witnessed so many people down and out for weeks and months at a time because they let someone undeserving into an emotionally fragile place, only to leave them distraught and picking up the pieces. I’ve seen beautiful spirits die down after allowing themselves to care for people who drained them emotionally and mentally. I’m sure each of us can think of an instance where had we been more careful and paid closer attention, we could’ve saved ourselves a heartache. For whatever reason, we’d often rather ignore the warning signs people give us in hopes that they will be who we wish for them to be instead of who they actually are. I get it, reality can be a tough pill to swallow but there is nothing more valuable than the truth. Quit feeling so obligated to protect other people’s character at the expense of your own peace of mind.

You have to understand that the people you allow in your life have a direct influence on how you perceive yourself. When you allow your heart to care for the wrong people you’re doing yourself an injustice. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this but life is SO short. That is a reality, not a cliche saying. We have no time to waste in dark places because of how someone else has made us feel.

While many view the heart as the seat of our emotions, I look at the heart to be the center of your being—not just the source of our feelings, but also of wisdom and perspective. In essence, the heart refers to who you are as a person and I want nothing taking away from the woman that I’ve worked hard to be. For me personally, guarding my heart entails praying over my relationships; not just intimate ones, but friendships as well while asking God to have His will done as he sees fit. That way no matter how things pan out, I have complete confidence that things are exactly the way they’re meant to be. Take your time. Observe traits without feeling the need to try and change people and once you feel you don’t have to change a person, your heart is safe.

Happy Monday, xx.


30 Reasons To Love 30

“Time and Tide Wait For No Man, But Time Always Stands Still For A Woman Of Thirty.” ~ Robert Frost

Let’s Blog Over My Dirty 30…


Cheers to two weeks into a new decade of my life and so far it’s been the B E S T!!! I spent a week in Mexico for my birthday. I was on a private beach getting some serious rays when I really started to reflect on what was to become of me during this new period of my life. I’m the youngest of most of my friends. They’re all in the 30’s club, and they were really looking forward to me joining the ‘clique.’ I’ve heard so many great things about being in your thirties that I was kind of excited about this new era of life. Then… there were a few who kind of made me nervous about it just because they were having some sort of quarter-life- crisis before and after they hit thirty. (Rolls eyes so hard I see my brain). Although, I can agree that time is passing by so much faster as I get older, and I suppose if you haven’t hit every goal or pinnacle you thought you’d reach by the end of your twenties, this milestone birthday can bring up a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions… but I TRULY believe that most of us are aging like the finest of wines, and thirty is the brighter, better version of twenty.


So here we go…

  1. You can buy the shoes or anything else you may want and still have money in your accounts because you actually know how to save now. 
  2. You’ve figured out what you truly want.
  3. You definitely know what you don’t want and won’t tolerate.
  4. You’ve (finally) learned to appreciate the value in healthy eating.
  5. You’ve suddenly gained this oddly gratifying solid nighttime routine that you look forward to.
  6. You get that your gut is a real thing and you stop questioning it.
  7. You’re not hungover every weekend. (although… hangovers do get harder to actually handle. Just drink wine or champagne. No one wants to spend 3 days recovering).
  8. Your circle gets a bit smaller. Which is actually a good thing. You understand and value the true meaning of friendship and know you don’t need certain relationships that you once broke yourself to keep around. I’ve noticed life has a way of weeding out a lot of things by the time you reach thirty.
  9. Your relationship with your parents is new now that you’re viewed as a real adult.
  10. Your house is clean!!! Or you know- you hire someone to do it.
  11. You notice your body changing and you make it a priority to change it.
  12. You’re in charge of your own decisions, but still young enough to make a few mistakes. However, you’ve made enough mistakes on your own in the past decade to know what not to repeat and to apply those lessons moving into your thirties.
  13. You know what a good bottle of wine tastes like.
  14. You’ve established what your own home feels like.
  15. If you’re smart (like i know you are) you’ve gained a few passport stamps and soaked in irreplaceable cultural moments.
  16. Sex gets SO much better.
  17. You value your sleep. It’s the new black.
  18. Internally you calm down.
  19. Fear of anything has less impact. You give no fucks about anything you realize you cannot control.
  20. Your heart and mind begin to balance.
  21. Confidence begins to organically exude from a genuine you.
  22. Curiosity gets you into less trouble, and more ways to serve yourself and your future.
  23. You’re so busy that you finally learn to appreciate the importance of down time and self love.
  24. You can remember the 90’s.
  25. You are totally comfortable admitting you hate clubbing (I’ve always hated it).
  26. People take you seriously.
  27. You understand what it means to invest in YOURSELF, DAILY, & CONSISTENTLY.
  28. You become unapologetic for exactly who you are.
  29. You know to stand up for yourself.
  30. L I F E just inexplicably makes more sense.





Gruene, TX | Travel Diary

“You May Go To Hell, & I Will Go To Texas.” ~ Davy Crockett

Summer is the season for birthday’s…

It’s taken me a little while to get around to this post. I’ve been doing some nonstop travel. I recently did a travel post on L.A., and as soon as I got back to Houston, I was already preparing for another quick getaway. Another one of my BFF’s, (Kelly) turned 30. We’ve been friends since we were 11. She’s a wonderful person in every aspect of the word.

She decided that she wanted to celebrate her birthday 3 hours down the street in New Braunsfel’s to see The Natural Bridge Caverns. It’s about 30 minutes away from San Antonio. I was super excited. I was able to go to the caverns last year in Virginia, and I had the BEST time.

I left Friday evening right after work, and to say I was tired would be an understatement. I stayed with some family and was greeted with fajitas, margaritas, and trés leche. If you know hispanic families, you know eating is a necessity when arriving. You can’t say no! I never turn fajitas or margaritas down anyway. However, it put me in a food coma.

The next day my friends drove down and we met in Gruene. I LOVE Gruene!!! It’s a small, beautiful town. Once a significant cotton-producing community along the Guadalupe River. The town is brought to life by the music you hear at Gruene Hall. It was built in 1878, and is one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. The entire time I was thinking ‘Why did I leave my cowboy boots? Why don’t I have a pair in the trunk?’ I couldn’t wait to stomp and make some noise.

We ended up having lunch at the Gristmill Restaurant. This place is gorgeous. It’s surrounded by Oak Trees, and sits right on the river. It’s kind of like a tree house. The food was served in a big portion. I had Salmon, salad, and grilled veggies. It was really hot out, and I didn’t want to eat anything heavy, but I did want something that would give me energy for the walk we were going to be doing at the Caverns.

Once we got to the Natural Bridge Caverns, we were all pretty psyched. We did have to wait an hour before our tour started, so we did what any group of people would do. We bought cards and wine and played Gin until it was time to go!!!

The caverns were really beautiful on the inside. We couldn’t touch anything because that was a 3rd degree felony. I’m a little rebellious so I have a tendency of doing the opposite of what I was told. I don’t do bars though. Kelly also reminded me that my’ASS’ would go to prison and even if she did defend me in court I would serve time. Some lawyer! lol.

Towards the end of the tour we went up an incline that had my my body BURNING. I could feel my muscles breaking down. It was a real workout. Once we saw the light and stepped outside, Texas disrespected us with 105 degree weather. By the time we got to our cars we were all exhausted and in need of a shower and a nap. We had the absolute best time though.